Allit AG Kunststofftechnik takes on corporate social responsibility. This implies that we look above and beyond the economic success of our business operations by considering their impact upon our staff, upon society and upon the environment. We attach great importance to  treating our staff, customers and suppliers with the same respect and consideration.

Our corporate social responsibility protects four main areas that are tightly intertwined: it covers our staff and their jobs, our natural environment and its resources, the market environment and social life.


We use resources with the principle of sustainability in mind because we strive to secure a bright future for our people. This is an essential corporate goal that we seek to achieve every day. Our commitment to sustainability and long-term success also implies that we treat our staff, customers and suppliers with a sense of responsibility and in a spirit of partnership.

  • Apprenticeships/Professional education & training » We are well aware that it’s the people who drive our corporate success. Therefore, the qualified education and training of school leavers is a matter of course and a pleasure for Allit. With our high share of apprenticeships (8 percent of Allit’s overall employee headcount), we are among the top apprenticeship and training providers in the region.
  • Consistent personnel development » We are proud to be a future-oriented employer with excellent job prospects. We give young people the chance to gain first-hand professional experience at one of our companies after they have completed their apprenticeship period. We also provide both in-house and external training opportunities to ensure ongoing staff qualification because we are well aware that lifelong learning is key to development, whether in the workplace or in personal life.  
  • Health & Safety » The implementation of health and safety measures at work is a key priority for us, and we keep a keen eye on making each workplace fit for the future in accordance with the latest technical and ergonomic requirements. Allit offers modern, standard-compliant workstations with state-of-the-art equipment, whether in the office or on the shop floor!

Market environment

Allit attaches great importance to meeting the requirements associated with established standards, recognised certificates and smart management systems. As Allit keeps evolving, products, processes and production plants also need to mature along the way. Therefore, Allit meticulously complies with all applicable German and European laws, rules and regulations.”  

-Allit manufactures articles that …
» … are fit for use and in some cases even labelled with the GS (approved safety) mark.
» … are chemically innocuous: Allit’s in-house manufactured articles are in full compliance with the REACH regulation and are subjected to regular testing.
» … carry FSC® certification FSC-C123876: Allit AG Kunststofftechnik and Allit Plastic-Metal Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. have both obtained FSC® certification for articles containing wooden materials sourced from the Far East.

Furthermore, Allit …
» … has formal, perfectly integrated management systems in place and is certified to ISO 9001 and 50001
» … has obtained multiple certification in China:
Our production site in China is certified not only to DIN EN ISO 9001, but also to FSC® and BSCI Audit requirements. Our Continuous Improvement Programme is geared for sustainability and involves all employees in the pursuit of ongoing optimisation at all levels.

Natural environment

We make ongoing investments to improve the energy efficiency of our production facilities and their infrastructure. In order to attain the defined energy policy objectives, we have implemented energy saving measures which we review at regular intervals. It goes without saying that Allit is certified to DIN ISO 50001.

  • Renewable energies » Our company-owned photovoltaic system generates an average of around 1 million kwh per year. This corresponds to the average annual consumption of 220 single-family homes and covers approx. 7 % of the group’s energy needs.
  • Efficient use of raw material » We source raw material from certified suppliers only. Wherever possible or desired for product-specific technical reasons, we use certified recyclates from collected plastic waste. Process-related waste (such as start-up parts, sprues and runners, colour-change waste as well as any incompletely moulded parts) are ground up and then reintroduced into the production cycle. This ensures that discarded plastic parts remain of use so that no unnecessary waste is incurred in production. Allit is deeply committed to reducing waste across the board and embraces the use of recyclates as an effective and efficient means for significantly diminishing CO2 emissions, not least because the emissions incurred in the production of primary plastic granulate are approximately three times higher! Also, we pay attention to ensure, not only for economic reasons, that articles are engineered efficiently and with optimum raw material use. When it comes to the development of new plastic parts, Allit employs state-of-the art CAD and mould flow technologies enabling us to optimise articles in terms of weight and other characteristics without impairing their functionality.
  • State-of-the-art machinery » We see to it that our machines are regularly renewed based on the latest technological and economic insight. Since our injection moulding machines can increasingly do without electric drives and hydraulic systems, we have been able to achieve our energy efficiency objectives despite ongoing corporate growth and steadily rising product output. For several consecutive years now, we have managed to gradually reduce our annual energy consumption per ton of processed raw material.
  • Efficient cooling technology » The cooling circuits required in production are separate from one another for reasons of energy efficiency. The hydraulic units of our machinery and plants are cooled by means of a free-cooling system whereas the injection moulds, which need to be kept at a constant lower temperature, are cooled by state-of-the-art refrigeration machines.

Social life

Allit is committed to making the best possible use of resources in a meaningful and sustainable way with a view to safeguarding the environment. This mission also inspires us to strengthen the local business economy and community with the same long-term perspective.

  • Tradition » Innovation – local ties – social responsibility. For many years already, Allit has been supporting the Sophia Kallinowsky Foundation, local kindergartens, the voluntary fire brigade as well as many other institutions, associations, clubs and community projects. Inspired by the private commitment of the company owners, Allit also supports the Lions Club. Furthermore, we groom and take care of the large family-owned ground along the Nahe river as a retention area.  
  • Jobs » Integration is an important social goal that matters to us! We at Allit act in a socially responsible manner, and we do so from conviction. We strive to exceed mere legal compliance by also integrating individuals with a refugee background or with disabilities into our team wherever possible. Furthermore, we employ disabled individuals via contracts for work and services concluded with sheltered workshop organisations (e.g. “Lebenshilfe”).
  • Community is key » A bunch of special activities including “Rotlay Runners”, “Rotlay BBQ Summer” etc. points to the importance attached to a pleasant work climate and good team spirit. In close cooperation with the works council, excellent community events are organised that are highly appreciated by Allit’s staff. Apart from in-house events (staff summer celebration, Christmas celebration), there are also external occasions in which the Allit team participates, for example the Bad Kreuznach company running challenge.

Supported Organizations

Sophia Kallinowsky Stiftung
Lions Club Bad Kreuznach
VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
s' Herrmännsche hilft
Haus der Geschichte
Silversterlauf Bad Kreuznach