Silver rating for our sustainability

A very successful milestone will be reached by the implementation of our sustainability strategy: Our company has been awarded the Silver Medal by EcoVadis for the implementation in the various measures.

As a medium sized, family-owned company in its 6th generation, sustainability is our lived practice. About 2 years ago, we also started to orientate ourselves towards the rating conditions of EcoVadis. Independently of this, we are constantly working on improving our footprint. We will continue to integrate the sustainability issues of environment, labour & human rights, ethics/corporate governance as well as sustainable procurement into our operations.

As a plastics processing company, we know the challenges that come with the production and processing of our raw material. This is precisely why we also work on the use of recycled materials (PCR as well as PIR) for our own items and thus support the necessary circular economy. Of course, our articles convince with a long-life span and could almost 100% recyclable, afterwards. The appreciation of our recyclables is a part of our daily work in our operational teams. In addition, we are also working on return and recycling concepts for our customers, e.g., for logistics/transport containers - where possible.

For many years, we have been generating our own power electricity by photovoltaics. With the completion of the current, extensive investments, we will in addition to the already existing approx. 1,600 kWp add in the future approx. 1,500 kWp, the annual certification according to DIN ISO 50001 proves and verifies our commitment to the resource-saving use of energy and it shows compliance with or exceeding of our annual savings targets.

With our Code of Conduct, we have integrated our employees and business partners about our essential basic principles for economic, social, ethical and sustainable action.


About EcoVadis

EcoVadis offers the leading solution for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains. With innovative technology and know-how in the field of sustainability, we support companies in developing and implementing sustainable business practices.

Reliably assess companies' sustainability performance, providing them with comprehensive feedback, benchmarks and tools to take them on a journey of continuous improvement.

- Sustainability: our team of international sustainability experts analyze and review company data (supporting documentation, 360 Watch results, etc.) to provide reliable ratings that take into account the company's industry, size and geographic location.
- Innovative technology: We provide access to web-based solutions where companies can access their scorecard and share information. These are highly secure online solutions that ensure the protection of our users' data.

The EcoVadis methodology is based on international sustainability standards (Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000) and is monitored by a scientific panel of CSR and supply chain experts to produce reliable CSR ratings.