Business segment “Plastics”:

Plastics Technology is the original business segment of Allit AG Kunststofftechnik – a specialist area in which Allit meanwhile boasts more than 60 years of first-hand know-how and experience. Competitive industries (including the aviation, filter, automotive and beverage industries) have long come to appreciate our services as an extended workbench for the manufacture of injection-moulded plastic parts. Reliable, long-term product and delivery quality is our hallmark, and so is a strong spirit of cooperation and commitment rooted in the proven principle of partnership.Allit AG Kunststofftechnik manufactures injection-moulded thermoplastic products for clients with high precision requirements. Our project expertise is illustrated in our “Six-Tier Service Supply Chain” which is comprised of several service areas that are located up or downstream to production. They include, for example, Design & Engineering, Tool & Mould Construction, Finishing/Screen Printing and Logistics.

Service portfolio a. o.:

  • Development of plastic components
  • Plastic injection molded parts
  • plastics processing
  • Contract injection molding with thermoplastics
  • Assembly of plastic assemblies
  • Precision plastic injection molded parts
  • Clean room injection molding
  • Injection molds for plastic containers
  • Injection molded parts made from thermoplastics
  • Injection molded parts, technical
  • Thermoplastic overmolding with plastic
  • Tool making
  • Tool making for injection molded parts

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Allit AG's optimized service chain

The Business Segment "Plastics" is a typical area where products need to be manufactured to customer’s specifications and in line with customer demand to show their particular strengths. Allit customers benefit from their supplier’s technologically advanced full-service expertise in every respect. Based on an optimised service chain comprised of six steps, we provide all services from one source. This means added success for you and your products.

Design & Engineering

The specialist departments engaged in product design and engineering will lay the conceptual foundation for your product. Special requirements, such as maintenance of sterility during the manufacturing process or compliance with ultra-precision standards, are taken into account already at this early stage in the process.

Tool & Mould Making

Whether it’s 3D CAM, turning, high-speed milling, drilling, electric discharge machining, (surface and circular) grinding operations – we perform all machining processes in-house. Our current portfolio of active tools is in the order of 800 items, and each year approx. 80 to 100 new tools and conversion units are added to it.

Injection Moulding

Allit is commited to customer satisfaction and will not "break the mould": We manufacture 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on approx. 70 machines. Fast set-up and start-up times as well as negligible idle periods and downtimes ensure rapid deliveries and appropriate stock-on-hand levels.


Konfektionierung & Siebdruckerei

Gerne versehen wir Produkte mit Ihrem Logo oder Aufschriften in Tampon-, Siebdruck oder als Prägung. Selbstverständlich erhalten Sie Ihre Ware in einer lager- oder verkaufsgerechten Verpackung.


Each year, more than 12,000 pallets, approx. 25.000 less-than-carload lots as well as approx. 10,000 parcel shipments leave our factory, either with partial or complete deliveries.

Consultancy services

We know the challenges that our customers face and take pleasure in supporting them with in-depth consultancy services, bringing to bear our extensive market and industry know-how.

Allit Technologie GmbH

Allit Technologie GmbH is the centre of technological expertise of the family-owned group of companies. High-precision tools and moulds manufactured with premium workmanship ensure smooth processes in injection moulding. Not only does Allit’s commitment to quality ensure impeccable final products, but it also helps to speed up manufacturing throughput. The company’s in-house tool and mould construction department is proficient in all types of cutting techniques, including 3D-CAM, turning, high-speed milling, drilling, electric discharge machining (EDM), grinding (flat or round). Allit Technologie GmbH is currently managing more than 800 active tools; around 100 new tools and conversion kits manufactured either in-house or externally complement the range each year.

By the way, you can expect more than standard services from Allit: Our associated company Allit Technologie GmbH boasts a highly motivated team will be pleased to assist you in all matters relating to fully automated injection moulding, customised assembly services or other finishing operations. Allit’s associated company Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, a company engaged in the field of industrial measurement technology, can also assist you in a variety of ways: Whether you require non-contact, optical or tactile metrological services – Schneider will “measure up” to your expectations! Thanks to the synergies derived from the combined capabilities of the companies in the Allit group, both simple and large-scale interlinked installations can be implemented.

The range of standard services offered by Allit Technologie GmbH includes:

  • Development, design, engineering
  • Tool & mould construction as well as maintenance and procurement
  • Interlinking of industrial production facilities and processes
  • Optimisation of the interaction between humans – machines – production
  • Implementation of integrated manufacturing islands, including e.g. measurement and testing technology
  • Maintenance of production resources, including mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Development, design and engineering services associated with articles, injection moulds, mechanical engineering, automation
  • Mechanics, tool construction for injection moulding, tools, automation and handling machines
  • Tool maintenance, tool repair, tool procurement for plastics injection moulding
  • Dovetailing/interlinking of processes, automated manufacturing, assembly, logistics
  • Maintenance/servicing of industrial mechanical equipment associated with injection moulding machinery and moulds as well as their respective periphery, automation facilities
  • Maintenance/servicing of electrical equipment associated with injection moulding machinery and moulds as well as their respective periphery
  • Automation