As part of the description of our sustainable corporate policy, we would like to present our values of openness, discipline, trust, responsibility and being a role model in our company Allit AG Kunststofftechnik. Above all, we give hints

  • to our self-image and our responsibility for cooperation in our company,
  • to our responsibility for our environment and
  • to work with each other as well as with our customers and business partners.
  • After more than 180 years of entrepreneurial activity as a medium-sized family company, sustainability is a daily practice for us; it is an important principle for the general conditions under which our products are created and our business decisions are made.

As a plastics processing company, it is important to us at Allit AG Kunststofftechnik to align our business practices with a holistic, sustainable approach to business. We attach great importance to integrity, honesty and respect for human dignity as well as responsible use of our ecological resources. We look at this with economic foresight and social responsibility.


Our corporate policy is based on four main pillars

>>> Company/employees

As a manufacturing company, Allit AG Kunststofftechnik focuses on its integrated management system, the process of continuous improvement, employee satisfaction, open and cooperative contact with the public and compliance with the applicable laws as the basis for entrepreneurial activity.


>>> Environment/Energy

For us, the avoidance and reduction of environmental pollution and the avoidance of waste are always our top priority. Through recycling and circular economy, we strive to always achieve environmentally friendly action both in our own production and by influencing our suppliers and service providers.

Through realistic and economically achievable goals and taking into account energy efficiency in manufacturing and procurement processes, the constant optimization of energy use and energy consumption is striven for.


>>> Quality

Customer satisfaction, product and process optimization in the manufacturing process, together with our influence on suppliers and service providers, are the basis for quality in the company.


>>> Compliance

Our basic understanding is shaped by human rights and the ban on discrimination as well as employee-friendly working conditions, occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection. Of course, we protect the business secrets of the company, but also those of our partners, and we comply with the competition rules and the ban on corruption and bribery.

Sustainability ratings

In order to constantly improve our corporate policy in the context of sustainability and to be able to better evaluate ecological, social and ethical performance as a company, we undergo an annual audit by EcoVadis (Ecovadis SAS, 43 avenue de la Grande armée 75116 Paris, France).

We use it to validate our actions with trusted, globally recognized sustainability scoresand insights to enable us to reduce risk, drive improvement and accelerate positive impacts on our environment and society.

>>> Our sustainability scores


The sustainable use of resources and a sustainable future for our employees are important corporate tasks that we successfully face every day.

  • Apprenticeship in the Rotlay-Azubi training program » Our employees are the engine of the company and therefore the apprenticeship is a matter of course at Allit. With a high training rate of approx. 8% based on the total number of employees, we are one of the top trainers in the region.
  • Further training in the Rotlay Academy » Consistent personnel development » We see ourselves as a future-oriented employer with prospects. Apprentices have the opportunity to gain initial professional experience at one of our companies after completing their training. Through internal and external further training, employees are constantly gaining further qualifications in order to meet the requirements of the workplace and all wishes for personal development.
  • Health & safety » Compliance with occupational safety measures is our top priority and our workplaces are constantly being developed in line with the latest technical and ergonomic requirements in a future-oriented manner. All workplaces in administration and production are planned according to guidelines and are equipped with modern equipment.
  • Both the company doctor care and the active support of the ASA meetings and their measures takes place in all parts of the company.
  • We offer opportunities to do something for your health and well-being as part of the Rotlay-Runner as well as the Rotlay-Biker, also in connection with bicycle leasing.
  • Among other things, we offer annual flu vaccinations and have worked steadily for the protection and interests of our employees even during the pandemic; Among other things, numerous air cleaners and CO2 meters were installed, as well as workplace partitions, which will continue to do their job even after the pandemic period and ensure the protection of employees in their working environment.
  • social


We live by the idea of getting the maximum out of our materials. This maxim also drives us to work to strengthen the local economy and the local people.


  • Tradition » Innovation, local ties, social responsibility. For years we have been supporting B. the Sophia Kallinowsky Foundation, local kindergartens, the voluntary fire brigade and other local institutions, associations or projects. We are supporters of the Lions Club, also through the private commitment of the owners.
  • Jobs » Integration is an important social topic and we take it very seriously. We act socially and try to do more than meet legal requirements where possible. Both people with a refugee background and people with disabilities are integrated into the team wherever possible. In addition, we employ people with disabilities through work contracts with e.g. B. Lebenshilfe workshops etc..
  • Community » Under the name "Rotlay-Runner", "Rotlay-Grill-Summer", etc., some activities are combined that serve to strengthen the working atmosphere and togetherness. In cooperation with the works councils, excellent events have been established, which are all accepted by a large number of employees. In addition to internal events (employee summer party, Christmas party), external events such as B. took part in the Bad Kreuznach company run.


We continuously invest in improved, energy-efficient production facilities and their necessary peripherals. In order to achieve the defined energy targets, energy saving measures are implemented and regularly checked.

  • Commitment, handling of energy: We are certified according to DIN ISO 50001 and achieve annual energy saving measures of >5%.
  • Company-owned photovoltaic system with 1,600 kWp per year; from 2024 3,100 kWp per year
  • We have invested in air heat and water heat pumps for all buildings with heating.
  • We continuously invest in more energy-efficient machines and systems as well as the associated, state-of-the-art control technology. With more and more injection molding machines doing without electric drives and hydraulics, we are constantly renewing our systems according to the latest technical and economic aspects. We have thus succeeded in achieving our energy efficiency goals despite sustained growth and increased emissions. Overall, we have been using less energy per processed tonne of raw material every year for several years.
  • In order to support this, we have separated the necessary cooling circuits in production in an energy-efficient manner. The machine and system hydraulics are cooled using free coolers; the injection molds require constant, lower cooling, which is implemented using modern, energy-saving cooling machines. Here, the water heat pumps ensure that the waste heat can be used to heat the building.
  • Use of regranulates: Use of post-industrial recycled (PIR) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) material where product characteristics, manufacturing processes and customer specifications allow
  • We work with our customers on further possibilities to further strengthen the cycle of plastics in products manufactured by us.
  • Packaging: Increasing use of certified cardboard packaging, reduction of machine stretch film due to conversion mµ and optimisation of the stretch proce.
  • Increasing the recycling share of films by changing to cover films with a Resy contentSteady reduction in operational/packaging waste
  • Continuous reduction of operational/packaging waste
  • Take-back offers: With the offer to customers, e.g. a return of reusable transport containers and the regranulation of the material for reuse in consumer goods, we also support the circular approach here.
  • Article design, construction: In addition, we make sure that the article construction is as resource-oriented as possible, not only for economic reasons. When developing new plastic parts, Allit AG Kunststofftechnik uses the latest CAD and Moldflow techniques, which make it possible to optimize the weight and properties of our items without functional deficits.
  • We source our raw material only from certified suppliers. Of course, we pay attention to chemical safety. We use certified recyclates from reprocessed, collected plastic items where it is possible, or where it is technically appropriate and desired by the market.
  • Overall, we are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, which are around three times higher in the production of primary plastic granulate.
  • Taking employees with you: In order to support these topics, we have formed cross-departmental teams of employees who, according to the principle of "appreciation for recyclable materials", ensure that constant improvements and adjustments are made with our material plastic and the necessary packaging as well as in the packaging that then remains result in waste management. The existing key figures are constantly monitored, goals are set and updated according to the circumstances.
  • Environment/nature: We continuously maintain approx. 6 hectares of Nahe meadows on an approx. 1.5 km long bank of the Nahe.
  • Since 2020 we have created a designated 10,000 square meter flower meadow, which we maintain.
  • We have planted over 100 trees with a trunk diameter of at least 15 cm since 2021 and ensure that they grow well with constant, resource-saving irrigation. In any case, further planting is planned.


Standards, certifications and implementation of management systems are met by the company or by specific production facilities. Through our quality assurance and continuous improvement of processes and products, we value further development. The company works according to German and European laws, specifications and guidelines.

  • Integrated management systems ISO 9001 and 50001 certified
  • Chemically harmless » Articles from our own production comply with the REACH regulation and are subjected to permanent tests.
  • Ready-to-use items » partially with GS mark.
  • FSC® certificate FSC-C123876 » Allit AG Kunststofftechnik is FSC® certified for articles with wood components.
  • Our continuous improvement process ensures constant and sustainable improvements involving all employees.

>>> Overview of certifications


Our basic understanding is shaped by human rights and the ban on discrimination as well as employee-friendly working conditions, occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection. Of course, we protect the business secrets of the company, but also those of our partners, and we comply with the competition rules and the ban on corruption and bribery.

We are convinced that a solid compliance culture for our voluntary measures in our social responsibility (CSR) and of course compliance with legal regulations are essential for the success of our company. We therefore regard compliance not only as a legal obligation, but as a question of attitude and our essential basic principle for economic, social, ethical and thus sustainable action.

>>> More about compliance

In order to give these topics the necessary importance and also to be able to implement our goals, we have had a compliance employee in our group of companies since 2021. This not only follows the necessary legal requirements, but also the rules and tasks that we have given ourselves.

Supported Organizations

Sophia Kallinowsky Stiftung
Lions Club Bad Kreuznach
VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
s' Herrmännsche hilft
Haus der Geschichte
Silvesterlauf Bad Kreuznach