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We do not categorise our products in terms of predefined types or fields of use or based on the level of professionalism of our customers. Rather, Allit’s classification into products for “Hobby Crafters/DIY enthusiasts“ on the one hand and “Professional Craftspeople” on the other hand is solely designed to help you get an overview and pick the right product for your needs!

This two-part classification enables us to provide our professional customers with all the information they need in their everyday use of Allit products, whether at work or in other settings. And at the same time, we can also offer DIY enthusiasts and creative hobbyists the comprehensive overview they need to make the right choices for their projects. It is this colourful variety of smart people who use Allit products in so many different and ingenious ways that we find ourselves amazed time and time again.

Would you, too, like to expand your storage and organisation horizons? Then dive in and have fun in exploring Allit’s vibrant product world for DIY enthusiasts and professionals!

B2B – bespoke solutions for your business success!

Companies and professionals from many different industries have come to appreciate us as an extended workbench for the manufacture of plastic parts. Allit’s comprehensive expertise in product development and tool technology goes hand in hand with reliable, long-term product and delivery quality. Let us know your requirements and benefit from the full-service competency offered by Allit AG in the form of a service supply chain that is tailor-made to suit individual needs.

By the way, you can expect more from us than than a range of standard services: Our associated company Allit Technologie GmbH will be pleased to assist you in all matters relating to fully automated injection moulding, customised assembly services or other finishing operations. Allit’s subsidiary Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, a company engaged in the field of industrial measurement technology, can also assist you in a variety of ways: Whether you require non-contact, optical or tactile metrological services – Schneider will measure up to your expectations. Thanks to the synergies derived from the combined capabilities of the companies belonging to the Allit group, both simple and complex installation projects can be implemented.


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