ALLIT 3 C E R T I F I E D C O M P A N Y 50001 ISO C E R T I F I E D C O M P A N Y 9001 ISO Expertise in Plastic – Knowledge & Know-How for Sophisticated Technology! Family-run enterprise Allit AG Kunststofftechnik, founded in 1960, is one the most experienced and knowledgeable manufacturers of plastic products in Germany. Based on our guiding principle “Knowledge & Know-How for sophisticated Technology”, we create a myriad of innovative and worldwide sought-after products made of highquality plastic material – and more: to complement our varied range, we also use metals (notably aluminium) and fabrics in the creation of smart products designed for “a thousand and one” practical uses in transport and shipping, warehousing and on the shop floor. With a constant focus on the needs of professionals operating in these areas, we maintain long-term partnerships with our clients, who appreciate the excellent product and service quality delivered by our three business segments. Business segment “Plastics”: For more than 50 years, Allit has been established as an “extended workbench” of renowned partners from the most diverse industries (including the filter, beverage, aviation and tooling industries). Allit takes care of product development, design, tool/mould-making, manufacture, assembly/finishing and logistics, thus helping its partners and their product systems to continuously grow and improve in terms of technical and economic performance. Business segment “Logistics Systems”: Allit has also made a name for itself as an equipment manufacturer focusing on system containers for transport and logistics facilities as well as for many different industries (including the pharma, textile, food retailing, non-food business etc.). Allit also offers sales-promoting packaging solutions with smart added value. Customers particularly appreciate Allit’s wealth of experience in optimising state-of-the-art material flow systems. Business segment “Workshop & Warehouse”: Allit is a sought-after partner to the retail trade, the specialised trade and the mail-order business, catering to both private and industrial customers. Allit’s comprehensive, ready-to-use range of equipment products for shop floor and warehouse facilities is continuously optimised. It features smart marketing and logistics solutions that are designed not only for the stationary trade, but also for virtual sales channels.        Rohstoff-Lager J Raw materials warehouse  Produktion/Montage J Production/Assembly  Produktion/Verwaltung J Production/Administration  Allit Technologie GmbH  Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH  Lager J Warehouse  Kommissionierung/Lager J Order picking/Warehouse  Lager J Warehouse