ProfiPlus Compact 1

ProfiPlus Compact 1

Stackable storage bins ProfPlus Compact

ProfiPlus Compact, the professional stackable storage bin for trade, industry and hobby activities, offers a wide variety of applications in warehouse, workshop, packaging and order picking environments.

  • The patented stacking lug system makes the bins nestable, safely stackable and renestable
  • Innovative stacking lugs ensure storage space savings of up to 40 % when the boxes are not in use
  • Resistant to resins, alkaline solutions, greases, oils etc.
  • Can be stacked with many other standard boxes, wall fastening and free-standing racking systems
  • The bins feature a straight front edge –perfect for shelf organisation and as in-vehicle storage equipment

Outside dimensions 102x100x60
Usable dimensions 80x70x45
Colour yellow
Material polypropylene
Product designation Stackable storage bin Size 1
Art. No. 456402
EAN 4005187564020
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