"Run-tastic" on the Argenthal Advent Trail


On the 1st of Advent, Sunday, November 27th, 2022, six Rotlay runners took part in the Argenthal Advent Trail for the second time. The event is very popular in the region, so almost 700 participants were registered. Since the net running time is evaluated with the age running time depending on the age group, older and well-trained runners always have the edge here. At the middle distance (11.8 kilometers), our Cornelia Kaiser was even able to get 4th place in the women's category. Dieter Baumann was among the men on the course (Olympic champion, 5,000 meters!). With the best weather, the following results were achieved:


Sprint distance 2.9 kilometers:

Bastian Barwick > 23:10 minutes place 30 men

Middle distance 11.8 kilometers:

Cornelia Kaiser > 1:12:43 net time / age time 0:58:43.1 place 4 women

Oliver Walter > 1:07:17 net time / age time 1:00:15.9 place 33 men

Florian Gallon > 1:12:43 net time / age time 1:12:25.5 place 77 men

Long distance 17.6 kilometers

Heiko Dahlen > 1:38:30 net time / actual time 1:36:07.6

Arton Alija > 1:55:43 net time / age time 1:48:17.3 place 199 men