"Allit helps" campaign sends 11,088 storage boxes to the flood area on the Ahr


At Allit AG Kunststofftechnik, two injection molding machines are running at full speed to produce 11,088 yellow storage boxes with black hinged lids. As part of the “Allit helps” campaign, the practical containers with a volume of around 30 liters are to be made available free of charge to families and companies affected by the Ahr flood, so that they can safely stow items rescued from the floods and mud. Over the next three weeks, three articulated lorries, each with 22 man-high loaded pallets, which are driven free of charge by the forwarding company Jakob Brenner GmbH & Co. KG (Bad Kreuznach), will bring the boxes to the flood area so that they can be distributed to those in need.

Vintner Steffen Meinhardt from Winzenheim, who gave an impressive report on his own aid work in two wineries on the Ahr and the hardship of the hard-hit people, gave Allit AG board members Jochen and Karsten Kallinowsky the idea of ​​spontaneously launching their own charity campaign for the victims of the Organize flood disaster. Meinhardt, who had already taken 50 euro wood pallets and around 100 storage containers from Allit to the Ahr, announced that there was a “huge need” for the plastic containers. Many people would have to store their household effects, which they would have saved from the floods or the mud, in front of their damaged or destroyed houses.

The commitment of the “Allit helps” campaign now includes donations in kind worth over 100,000 euros. Allit AG, founded in 1960, provided a company in Niederzissen with around 1,500 storage boxes with lids at short notice. In addition, Steffen Meinhardt is given an Allit-owned Peugeot panel van so that he can hand it over to a craftsman who has lost his vehicle fleet as a result of the disaster. This allows him to help with the reconstruction.

The Allit AG management board is pleased that one of its raw material suppliers, Ineos Olefins & Polymers Europe from Cologne, is supporting the campaign with a free delivery of around 25 tons of polypropylene.

Jochen and Karsten Kallinowsky are also particularly grateful to the more than 30 employees who responded to a call by the works council to produce the plastic boxes and their lids free of charge after the regular shifts with the "Allit helps" logo provided, assembled and stacked on pallets. The deputy chairman of the works council, Andreas Knoblach, is also on duty: "For many of my colleagues and for me it was not a question of supporting this campaign with our work."



The Allit AG board members - Jochen Kallinowsky (right) and Karsten Kallinowsky (center) are pleased that more than 30 employees support the charity campaign "Allit helps", in which more than 11,000 storage boxes are sent to the Ahr. The screen printing machine is operated by Andreas Knoblach (left), the deputy chairman of the works council, his colleagues Matthias Weyell (2 from left) and Sebastian Meißner (second from right) put the boxes on the conveyor belt and the pallets.


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