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Plastics Technology is the original business segment of Allit AG Kunststofftechnik – a specialist area in which Allit meanwhile boasts more than 50 years of first-hand know-how and experience. Competitive industries (including the aviation, filter, automotive and beverage industries) have long come to appreciate our services as an extended workbench for the manufacture of injection-moulded plastic parts. Reliable, long-term product and delivery quality is our hallmark, and so is a strong spirit of cooperation and commitment rooted in the proven principle of partnership.Allit AG Kunststofftechnik manufactures injection-moulded thermoplastic products for clients with high precision requirements. Our project expertise is illustrated in our “Six-Tier Service Supply Chain” which is comprised of several service areas that are located up or downstream to production. They include, for example, Design & Engineering, Tool & Mould Construction, Finishing/Screen Printing and Logistics.

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