Business segment “Logistics Systems”:

Logistics Systems has emerged from Allit’s activity in the development of reusable containers for manual or automated conveyor systems (as they are used, for example, in the pharmaceutical wholesale trade).

A wide array of industries today benefit from Allit’s products and solutions for warehouse organisation and dispatch logistics because Logistics Systems offers diverse and versatile options that cater to a multitude of material flow requirements, whether for goods, small parts and tools on the move or stationary on the shop floor, in the warehouse or in other logistically complex environments.

The focus of this business segment is on solution-oriented consultancy; it is of particular value to clients seeking to embark on medium to large-scale projects. Our consultants are highly qualified professionals that are committed to making our clients’ projects their priority. No two projects are the same, and so they enjoy close working relationships with each client to devise made-to-measure system solutions that leave nothing to be desired.

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Product overview


nestable shipping tote 600 x 400 mm
3 different heights
4 standard colors
loose fold-over lid
hinged lid


Shipping tote 298 mm wide
2 different heights
loose fold-over lid


nestable shipping tote 490 x 330 mm
2 different heights
Standard in blue
loose fold-over lid
closure lid
hinged lid


Address pockets, coding elements, clips, seals and other items


nestable shipping tote 480 x 330 mm
2 different heights
Up to 3 standard colors
loose fold-over lid
hinged lid


Totes according to your wishes with embossing, screen printing, in the color of your choice, etc.

A200 & A300

nestable shipping or storage totess 490 x 200 mm & 490 x 300 mm
Up to 4 different heights
Up to 4 standard colors
loose fold-over lid
closure lid


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